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Mar 7 '13

"Superwoman (Wonder Woman) is always a horror type. She is physically very powerful, tortures men, has her own female following, is the cruel, "phallic" woman. While she is a frightening figure for boys, she is an undesirable ideal for girls, being the exact opposite of what girls are supposed to want to be."

You know what Dr. Fredrick Wertham, you’re awful, you almost killed the american comics industry and people are now just finding out that most of your work was falsified.


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    And loooooooooooved to put his fetishes in his comics more than anyone this side of Hopkins.
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    He was also a prominent civil rights activist though.
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  7. voodoo-otter said: "Hey, he says that the shit that’s wrong with our kids ain’t our fault! Why hasn’t he been sainted yet?"
  8. coffeewithyolando said: ILL PUNCH HIS DEAD BODY CUZ I HAVE NO MORALS
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